Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Writing Self

Read this quote by Salman Rushdie today and it struck a chord so I thought I'd share...

"There's a writing self which is not quite your ordinary social self and which you don't really have access to except at the moment when you're writing, and certainly in my view, I think of that as my best self. To be able to be that person feels good; it feels better than anything else."

Tales of the Fear Agent TPB

Got a box in the mail today from Dark Horse and I had no clue what it was. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up to discover comp copies of Rick Remender's TALES OF THE FEAR AGENT TPB inside. This volume collects all the Fear Agent back-ups and short stories people have done over the years for Rick, and includes a little tale that I did with Japanese manga artist Tommy Ohtsuka! I had no idea it was already collected and on sale. I was really happy with the way this story turned out and I hope that you'll check it out and enjoy it! Here's the info...

Released by Dark Horse Comics
Full color, 136 pages, 7" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1-59307-959-8

Monday, May 19, 2008

X-Men: Divided We Stand NYC Signing on 5/21

With the release of X-Men: Divided We Stand 2 this Wednesday, Jim Hanley's Universe on 33rd St., right off Fifth Avenue here in New York City, will be hosting an in-store signing with the writers. I'll be there, along with Cable writer Duane Swierczynski, former X-Men editor Andy Schmidt and current X-Men editor extraordinaire Nick Lowe. We'll be there form 5 to 7PM this Wednesday, May 21st, and I hope to see some of you there. Hopefully we can all hit up beers after too?

Friday, May 16, 2008

More X-Men: DWS 2 Preview Art

Since that online preview of X-Men: Divided We Stand 2 didn't include any pages of the Surge/Moonstar story I did with the always amazing David Lafuente, I thought I'd give you all a first look at it here. Penciled and inked by David, colored by the incredible Christina Strain!

X-Men: Divded We Stand 2 Preview

Two stories by me in this issue. One of them is previewed here, with lettering this time:

Goes on sale Wednesday, May 21st!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Favorite Wonderlost Review Yet

"What Cebulski accomplishes is a simultaneous reminder of why we mature and why we must hold onto our youth, and for someone to have the guts to actually put these reminders into print is either very stupid or very passionate."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sky Doll #1

The English version of the hit French comic series SKY DOLL by Barbara Canepa and Alessandro Barbucci goes on sale this Wednesday, May 14th. I'm promoting this here because not only am I a huge fan of the series and a friend of Barbara's, but I also did the new English adaptation of the script for this edition. It ships with two covers, the original French cover art and this new variant...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Aspen Showcase: Fathom... by me!!

I have the pleasure of being able to write for Aspen Comics this summer and dive into the world of their flagship character, Fathom! I'm having a ball telling a tale of Aspen Matthew's teen years in this one-shot that hits in June. The art is being done by the incredible Talent Caldwell, marking his long-awaited return to the Aspen universe! I couldn't be happier and hope you'll check it out!!

Here's the info...


Written by C.B. Cebulski, pencils by Talent Caldwell, colors by John Starr.

Aspen's newest anthology series, Aspen Showcase, combines some of today's finest creators with several of comics best loved properties. Reunions abound in this very special one-shot as artist Talent Caldwell dives back into the Aspen universe to take on its flagship character, Aspen Matthews. Battling the Blue and saving the world are hardly any challenge compared to the troubling life of high school adolescence! Writer C. B. Cebulski takes readers on a journey back to Aspen's childhood as she attends her high school reunion and runs into some very special friends from her past, reminding her of a few special memories as well!

This issue features two covers, one by Talent Caldwell and another by Ale Garza. Check 'em out!!