Sunday, April 27, 2008

Iron Man Rocked!

I had the pleasure of seeing a press screening this weekend. I was BLOWN AWAY! The movie is incredible!! I still get goose bumps thinking about parts of it! Robert Downey Jr. steals the show. He IS Tony Stark! Really, almost every character is perfectly cast and Favreau is a genius the way he built and paced the film. Iron Man has now now my favorite super hero movie! Sorry X-Men 2...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Overloooked Gem From NYCC...



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wonderlost #2 On Sale Today, April 16th!

Here we go again, folks!

Featuring the artwork of...

Alina Urusov

Jason Meek

Rafael Albuquerque

Mat Santolouco

Ethan Young

John Amor

Seth Frail

In comic stores everywhere!

X-Men: DWS 2 Gets "Magikal"

Just as X-Men: Divided We Stand #1, on sale today, had an unannounced Hellion story, next month's second issue features a VERY SPECIAL "secret" story as well. Guess who's coming back?!

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm Getting A Comic Book Tattoo


This July the ever-growing relationship between comics and music reaches new heights as Tori Amos and Image Comics release COMIC BOOK TATTOO, a 480-page, full color anthology adapting the themes and ideas behind her songs into a lush volume of sequential art.

“I have been surprised, excited and pleasantly shocked by these comics that are extensions of the songs that I have loved and therefore welcome these amazing stories of pictures and words because they are uncompromisingly inspiring,” says Amos. “It shows you thought is a powerful formidable essence and can have a breathtaking domino effect."

To assemble COMIC BOOK TATTOO's diverse roster of talent, Amos worked alongside editor Rantz Hoseley, co-creator behind the upcoming DISPLACED
PERSONS and VIX. Together they formed a line up featuring Y: THE LAST MAN's Pia Guerra, Leah Moore, John Reppion David Mack, Hope Larson, Ryan Kelly, Jonathan Hickman, Colleen Doran, Eric Canete, Ted McKeever, Jock, Anthony Johnston, Dame Darcy, Carla Speed McNeil, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Mark Buckingham, Ivan Brandon, C.B. Cebulski and many more, including an introduction by SANDMAN creator Neil Gaiman.

Editor Hoseley added, "While the connections between comics and music have been long established by generations of creators, Comic Book Tattoo is the pure distillation of how these two art forms inspire and feed off of each other across all the classifications, genres and styles of comic storytelling. Like Tori’s music, these stories run the gamut of human experience, emotion and imagination brought to life by some of the most compelling and innovative creators in the field of comics."

COMIC BOOK TATTOO, a 12” x 12” 480-page anthology, will be in stores July 23rd.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Avengers Fairy Tales 2 - Now on sale!

A Pinocchio story, beautifully penciled, inked and colored by the amazingly talented Nuno Plati! Wrapped in a Claire Wendling cover!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Koala Time!

Yes, it's real, and yes, I got to hold it!

Avengers Fairy Tales 2 Preview!

Amazing Nuno Plati artwork wrapped up in a Claire Wendling cover!

On sale 4/9!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Never let it be said...

...that the Australians don't like their drink!

They may make their JaegerBombs just like we do, but down here in Oz they get all creative and drink them after tipping over the glasses into each other like dominoes! Kind of a pain in the ass to shoot after that, but fun to watch and marvel at when you're half in the bag.

We were also introduced to a few new shots, like the Pancake, which is vodka, Bailey's and something else I forget, with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sugared rim. It tastes just like... you guessed it... a pancake! It really does!

And these bad boys below were Jam Donuts, which are Bailey's, Chambord and something else, also with sugared rims, that tasted just like jam, or jelly for us Americans, donuts! Again, the similar taste was uncanny.

They may taste good, but are they potent, you may ask? It was our new drinking buddy John Rhys-Davies (aka Gimli from LOTR, or more importantly Sallah from Raiders of the Lost Ark!) who put it most eloquently when he said, "If I put one more jam donut into my body, the half-dozen I'd just ingested will soon be making their way out."

And then there were the Squished Frogs, my least favorite new shot, which were vodka, creme de minte and Bailey's (Yes, they like their Bailey's down here!) with a touch of Chambord on top for the bloody squished effect.

And even though I didn't particularly like them, you wouldn't catch me complaining about them...

However, the clear winner of strongest but most disgusting shot of the night went to the Navy Seal, aka the ABC shot, which was Absinthe, Bacardi 151 and Cointreau. Uggh! Tasted like shit and knocked you on your ass! Even I could only stomach one.

And since I've been asked what my favorite Aussie beer so far is, it's James Esquire Pale Ale. A simply wonderful brew!!