Monday, June 30, 2008

CREATURE FEATURE - A New Horror Anthology

This is something new and crazy that I'm a part of that I thought some of you might dig. Truth be told, I'm usually not a horror guy, and was a little hesitant at first when my old buddy Mike Raicht approached me about being a part of this. But inspiration hit after I saw Grindhouse and I came up with a pretty off-the-wall short story for this collection. I just read the full finished issue and loved it! I do hope you'll check it out!


Following the success of their second comic series Space Doubles, a retro science fiction anthology, Th3rd World Studio’s presents Creature Feature, a double sized Drive In horror movie experience.

“Creature Feature is something I've been preparing my whole life to edit. Hundreds of horror movies, most of them questionable in nature, filled my youth with hours of completely unsupervised fear, laughter, and in some extreme cases I'd rather not revisit, tears. To not only bring together, but to actually find, a group of like-minded 70s and 80s horror lovers is a real treat. And to be honest, shocked and frightened the hell out of me”, said series creator and Army of Darkness, Exiles scribe Mike Raicht.

Each issue is 48 pages with three and a half scintillating tales of monstrous horror done right by top industry veterans, including C.B. Cebulski, Chris Yost, Andy Schmidt, Stuart Moore, Leah Moore, John Reppion and Brian Smith. -- over the top and gratuitous with a super-cool soundtrack. (Readers are responsible for providing their own tunes, so break out the 8-Track or dust off your 45's!)

Grab a date, leave the kids at home, and stuff as many friends in your trunk as possible. The first issue hits stands in September with out of this world terror in Night of the Abductors by Chris Yost (writer of top selling titles X-FORCE and SECRET INVASION: YOUNG AVENGERS/RUNAWAYS), hot girls and their feathery friends in Hooters by C.B. Cebulski (SPIDER-MAN and X-MEN), creepy crawlies in Why Did It Have To Be Spiders? by Andy Schmidt (MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS and X-MEN: DIVIDED WE STAND) and the first half of the rocktacular Rockenstein by Brian Smith (THE ADVENTURES OF DANIEL BOOM AKA LOUDBOY and PICKLES FROM PLUTO) A tale so demented the Drive-In is only willing to screen the first half of it lest they get shut down altogether for public indecency!

“I think everyone will find something to entertain them in some way. At $4.50 for 48 pages it's cheaper than going to your local movie theatre and you get three and a half features and a comic strip. All you need to do is provide the popcorn, soda and the date”, said Drive In host Mike Raicht.

Creature Feature is a two issue (48 pages B/W - $4.50) series with the first issue hitting shelves in September 08. (Diamond Order # JUL084217).

Night of the Abductors by Chris Yost and Jon Reed

Hooters by me and Shaun "artchild" Turnbull

Rockenstein by Brian Smith

As Th3rd World is a smaller publisher, I kindly urge you to pre-order this book from your local retailer to make sure you get your hands on a copy!

And we're totally all open to press, interview and artwork requests. Please contact Michael DeVito at for all that info.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Junko Mizuno at Marvel?

Yes, you better believe it! I've been dying to post some of Junko's pages ever since she sent them over to me!! But as the project hasn't been officially announced just yet, I can only give you a sneak peak of this upcoming Marvel/Mizuno madness. And trust me, you ain't seen nothing yet! More details shortly...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Congrats, Felipe!

I just wanted to join the growing chorus and offer my heartfelt congratulations to my buddy Felipe Smith, who has become one of the first non-Japanese ever to have his new comic series published in a monthly Japanese comic book magazine. Felipe's "Peepo Choo" finally debuted in Morning 2! There's no one who approaches comic books with more energy and enthusiasm and I could not be happier that it's Felipe who is breaking comic boundaries and tearing down the perceptions that the Japanese manga market is closed to foreigners! He's one of the best ambassadors American comics could ask for!

(Picture courtesy of Takeshi Miyazawa)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wizard World Chicago Schedule

I'll be attending Wizard World Chicago this coming weekend, June 26th-29th. I'll be set up in Artists Alley at table 4302 right between Adi Granov and Olivier Coipel. I'll be signing and selling there over all three days whenever I'm not at a panel or other signing session, and here's that schedule...

11 am to 12 pm – Mondo Marvel Panel

12 to 1 pm – Signing @ Marvel Booth

3 to 4 pm – Ultimate Universe Panel

1 to 2 pm – Secret Invasion Panel

3 to 4 pm – Signing @ Marvel Booth

5 to 6 pm – Cup O’ Bendis Panel

11 am to 12 pm – Prize or No Prize

12:30 to 1:30 pm – Signing @ Marvel Booth

2 pm to 3 pm – Marvel: Your Universe

I'll sign whatever anyone brings me with no limits, I'll have all kinds of books for sale at my table, and I look forward to meeting you all. And during the evening, you'll most likely be able to find me at the Red Bar in the Hyatt. Buying me beer ensures entertaining conversation. :)

Oh, and one last thing... unfortunately, I will not be doing any portfolio reviews at the con. All aspiring artists will need to go to the Marvel booth for info on how to get your work looked at. Sorry about that!

See you soon!

The Brilliance of Seth Fisher

I love artists' sketchbooks. I walk around at every con and snatch up as many as I can from all the artists whose work I know and love. I have hundreds of them and look at a few of them daily. The work that so many of these talents do inspires me to no end in my writing. But yesterday at Jim Hanley's Universe I found what may be my favorite sketchbook yet... Seth Fisher's Batman Snow/Tokyo Sketchbook. Simply put, it's brilliant.

The material contained in each and every sketchbook I've bought varies; some artists fill theirs with headshots, others with unused covers sketches, some with new stories and art, others with abstract drawing and paintings. This "new" offering from Seth was a collection of images takes right from his personal sketchbook from 2005, it seems. And it's a look not only at his art, but inside his head. This is one of the first sketchbooks I've collected that's truly given me a real look into the creative process of an artist whose work I love. It peels back the curtain for a nice long look into the mind of an amazing artist. The book clearly illustrates, literally and figuratively, just how Seth approached art and comics. From anatomy to perspective to motion, from the use of shadows and negative space, from architecture to character design, after reading this little book, I like to think I now have a better understanding of how Seth saw not only his work, but the world around him. And that says a lot given the book has no words in it.

As many of you know, Seth is unfortunately no longer with us. He died tragically in 2006, taken from us much too early. I had the pleasure of knowing Seth, enjoyed spending time with him, and always looked forward to catching up whenever we met. His death shocked and saddened me, as it did everyone whose lives he touched. However, it's good to know his family will be keeping his memory alive by making sure some of his unseen work will now see print. While this sketchbook reminds us of the genius we lost when Seth died, I like to believe it will also serve as continuing inspiration for so many other artist that open it. Seth would have wanted it that way.

To learn more about Seth and his work, and to find out how to get your hand on this Tokyo Sketchbook, visit

I got carded at a bar last night

I laughed.

I mean, c'mon... here in NYC of all places?!

That hasn't happened in a while.

I laughed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mike Turner Covers My Aspen Showcase!!

This gorgeous image by Mike Turner and Peter Steigerwald will grace the cover of Aspen Showcase: Aspen Matthews #1 by me, Talent Caldwell and John Starr, on sale next week!!

Marvel's September Solicits

Two from me this month...

The Story: Witness the biggest shake-up in X-Men history. With the mansion in Westchester destroyed, the X-Men are moving to San Francisco. But it’s not just a change in the zip code. Come see what the momentous change in status quo means to the X-Men. In every issue of MANIFEST DESTINY Mike Carey (X-MEN, ENDANGERED SPECIES) brings you an installment of a story featuring one the first X-Men—Iceman. Also in this first issue are stories by C.B. Cebulski (X-MEN:DIVIDED WE STAND, LONERS) and Skottie Young (X-MEN:DIVIDED WE STAND, NEW X-MEN).
Rated T+ …$2.99

The Story: At long last, Magik is returning to the Marvel Universe! But in what form will she return, and to whom will she owe her allegiance? In a touching tale of death and acceptance originally presented in X-MEN UNLIMITED #13, the X-Man Colossus continues to mourn the loss of his beloved sister, the telepathic mutant mystic known as Magik. Meanwhile, in a story from NEW X-MEN #37, Magik’s origin is explored — and her former master, the demon-lord Belasco returns! Fighting his way through hostile terrain and vicious demon hordes, Belasco will stop at nothing to wrest control of Limbo. But the evil sorceress standing in his way bears a striking resemblance to his former protégé. And finally, from X-MEN: DIVIDED WE STAND #2, Magik has indeed returned — but she’s trapped in Limbo, a slave to Belasco! Illyana yearns for her freedom and family, but she must find the lost pieces of her soul, the bloodstones, if she is to escape and defeat Belasco once and for all!
Must Have One-Shot/Rated T+ …$3.99

Monday, June 16, 2008


First this made me laugh. Then it pissed me off. Now I don't know what to think...

The Vader bit is pretty well done, and the Emperor's laugh is a nice touch. But seriously now, Lucas approved this?!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From me this week... Sky Doll #2

I continue adapting the new English language translations to Canepa and Barbucci's sci-fi masterpiece...

Aspen Showcase: Fathom Variant Cover

By Ale Garza...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pour tous mes amis français...

Artist Sana Takeda and I are thrilled to announce that the first volume of our creator-owned vampire series DRAIN is now available in French as an over-sized album, published by our good friends at Soleil Productions!

You can get a look an inside look at the series on the Soleil website right here and buy your own copy online directly from Amazon France right here!

Merci beaucoup!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pilot Season

The collection of comics that were a part of Top Cow's first Pilot Season program went on sale today. Not only is it a great TPB full of classic Cow characters re-interpreted by some amazing creators, but it also sports a lovely new original cover by Kenneth Rocafort, who is one of my favorite new artists, as well as an introduction by yours truly. They were even kind enough to put my name on the cover! Check it out...

I'm Such A Tease