Friday, September 28, 2007

Ryusuke's Blog

Compass artist Ryusuke Hamamoto has started a new blog where he's posting everyday and practicing his English. You can check it out here:

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Recommended Reading

Caught up on a few magazines this weekend...

The new WIRED, the one with the plant on the cover, has a great interview with Ridley Scott about BLADE RUNNER and the impending release of The Final Cut. It also has a cool Before Blade Runner/After Blade Runner chart that illustrates what influenced Scott in making the movie and how the film in turn influenced different aspects of popular culture.

There's also an incredibly insightful article into the life and times of mega-producer Rick Rubin in the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE from a few weeks back, the one with him on the cover. Rick has always been an inspiration to me in many ways and to get a more personal look into his mind and his thoughts on music and art in general here was pretty fascinating. His position in the music industry and deal he negotiated for himself show just how big an impact this man has had on the creative and business ends of the biz.

Check 'em out!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Banging My Head Hurts Till It Hurts

So I'm in the supermarket of all places today when a little Quiet Riot comes blaring over the loudspeakers. As riffs from "Bang Your Head" flood through the aisles, much to the shock of some customers, I realized it'd been years since I rocked out to a little QR. I was even tempted to throw up a quick devil sign right there while buying cat food! So I came home and downloaded a few of the classic tracks this young metal head used to indeed bang his head to. However, while definitely fulfilling my nostalgic need for speed, these songs also served to make me realize just how truly awful some metal was. Want proof? Check out these lyrics:

Well I'm an axe grinder... piledriver
Mother says that I never never mind her
Got no brains. I'm insane
Teacher says that I'm one big pain
I'm like a laser 6-streamin' razor
I got a mouth like an alligator
I want it louder
More power
I'm gonna rock ya till it strikes the hour

Bang your head! Metal Health'll drive you mad
Band your head! Metal Health'll drive you mad

Well I'm remonstrated... outdated
I really want to be over-rated
I'm a finder and I'm a keeper
I'm not a loser and I ain't no weeper
I got the boys to make the noise
Won't ever let up
Hope it annoys you
Join the pack
Fill the crack
Well now you're here
There's no way back

"Got no brains. I'm insane"? "Fill the crack"? What the fuck?

Who wrote this shit?! If I had paid any attention in 1982, I could have written better lyrics than that and made a mint!

Ah, well... you gotta love it!

Repeat track.

December Solicits Are Up

This is a great Avengers special packed full of fun stories by some truly talented up-and-coming comic creators. With a Bryan Hitch cover to boot!!

As the Avengers battle to take down the Serpent Society, the team recalls never-before-told tales of their past! Watch as:
Spider-Man tries to integrate into a team and learns a thing or two about history, Luke Cage and Wolverine go toe-to-toe against a terrifying cosmic foe, Henry Peter Gyrich becomes an unlikely hero on an unlikely world, and Jarvis the butler cleans house…after some robot Vikings drop by unexpectedly. On top of all that—it’s the return of the critically-acclaimed Fin Fang Four by Scott Grey and Roger Langridge! That’s 55 pages of all-new comics, PLUS classic reprints from Avengers history!
96 PGS./Rated A …$4.99

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Travis Charest Does Ultimates!

A quick panel from November's ULTIMATES SAGA, featuring a new story by Travis Charest and yours truly! It's available for pre-order now so don't forget to hit up your local retailer to reserve a copy today.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Loners in AZ!!

I just got forwarded this amazing pic from Atomic Comics in Phoenix, Arizona. Manager Thomas Healy and staff employee Michelle Poulson are big Loners fans and felt the book deserved a little extra love and attention. So to help hype the title with the release of issue five this week, they created the following Loners display, comparing Jason Pearson's amazing John Hughes' homage covers to the actual movie posters!

And I hear their promotional efforts paid off as Loners sales picked up! Fans of the films gave Loners a second look, noticed the teen drama aspects the book owes to the movies, and decided to give Loners a shot. I owe Thomas and Michelle a huge debt of gratitude for their hard work and support in pushing this comic that is so dear to me! Thanks, guys!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Tales of Fear Agent Back-Up

About a year ago, when Rick Remender's amazing Fear Agent comic series was coming out through Image, he was running a series of eight page back-up stories called Tales of Fear Agent. Rick was kind enough to let me write one which was illustrated by Japanese artist Tommy Ohtsuka of Slayers fame. However, before our story saw print, the series moved from Image to Dark Horse where it was rebooted sans back-ups. However, Rick really liked the story and promised us that it would one day see the light of day, possibly in a Tales of Fear Agent trade. Being a man of his word, Rick is now making good on that promise and I'm pleased to announce that mine and Tommy's story will be featured in this October's Tales of Fear Agent #1!! This premiere issue will feature a main story by the incredible Eric Nguyen with with tale that Tommy and I did being run right behind it! (And coincidentally, Eric and I are also both featured in Marvel's Mystic Arcana: Sister Grimm one-shot that same month!)

Orders are still open so please run down to your local retailer and reserve a copy today!

Here's a look at Eric's stunning cover to the issue, as well as a sneak peek at a couple of our interior pages, colored by the extraordinary James Rochelle. Enjoy!

My Fat Face on Video Again

Me discussing ChesterQuest at the Marvel Mondo panel in Baltimore...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Three From Me

Three new comics from yours truly will be hitting the shelves of comic stores across the country today. Keep your eyes peeled for:

LONERS 5 with Karl Moline and Beth Sotelo...

SPIDER-MAN FAIRY TALES 4 with Mindy Owens, Nick Dragotta, Mike Allred and Laura Allred...

COMPASS 1 with Akihide Yanagi and Ryusuke Hamamoto...

I hope you'll check them out. Thanks for your support!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Old Bay Wings!

I was down in Maryland for the amazing Baltimore Comic Con this past weekend and hit the Wharf Rat for dinner on Saturday night. As most everyone knows, Buffalo wings are my favorite food and I try and eat them at every new restaurant I go to. So I was going to sample the Wharf Rat's BW offering but then I noticed they also had Old Bay Wings, dry rubbed in the amazing spice of the same name. Being in Maryland, it would have been a crime not to order them and I was not disappointed! Crispy and tasty as hell, these wings were a meal in themselves. And the home-brewed Oliver's Pale Ale was the perfect beverage to wash them down! If you're ever in Baltimore, try and plate for yourself...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Baltimore Bound!

I'll be heading down to the Baltimore Comic Con this coming weekend, September 8th and 9th. I'll have a table in the Image Comics booth where I'll be selling and signing most of my Marvel and Image books both days. Compass #1 will debut at the show as well! Please stop by and say hi.

Also, while I'm not sure of the times yet, I'll be on the Image and Marvel panels on Saturday, and also helping Tom Brevoort dish out the Marvel trivia at his Prize or No Prize panel on Sunday! Come check us out for some cool news and announcements, ask all the comic book questions you like, and maybe even take home a prize or two!

Info on the show can be found here!

Hope to see you there!

Weekend Movie Report Card

Everything I expected and more! Brought me back to my high school days, which granted, isn't hard to do, but this captured that magic perfectly. Michael Cera and Jonah hill were outstanding, and that actress who played Becca did an amazing job! The kind of movie I want to watch, the kind of movie I want to make!

I thought it was really well done and deserving of the praise it's getting. The camera work didn't get me as sick as I hear it's been doing to others, except in that last chase scene. Good build up, great tension, fantastic action... a fun edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Why I skipped this movie in the theaters is beyond me?! Just a wonderful piece of film making! I can't say anything more that hasn't already been said about this movie. Guillermo Del Toro is truly gifted and his commentary and featurettes on the DVD are insightful, educational and truly inspiring.

Better than I expected. More teen drama than fright flick, which appeals to me to begin with, combined with a good mix of comedic moments. A couple of the twists had me going. Shia continues to impress! Worth checking out if you have two hours to kill.

Queen Lotto