Saturday, September 15, 2007

Loners in AZ!!

I just got forwarded this amazing pic from Atomic Comics in Phoenix, Arizona. Manager Thomas Healy and staff employee Michelle Poulson are big Loners fans and felt the book deserved a little extra love and attention. So to help hype the title with the release of issue five this week, they created the following Loners display, comparing Jason Pearson's amazing John Hughes' homage covers to the actual movie posters!

And I hear their promotional efforts paid off as Loners sales picked up! Fans of the films gave Loners a second look, noticed the teen drama aspects the book owes to the movies, and decided to give Loners a shot. I owe Thomas and Michelle a huge debt of gratitude for their hard work and support in pushing this comic that is so dear to me! Thanks, guys!!


Jason Meek said...

That's where I do all my comic shopping and they are indeed great people. They really know how to run a comic shop and do a really great job supporting the gaming and anime community here in Phoenix. I'm super psyched you got a pic of their little display.

Destiny said...

hi - please tell me that there is going to be a Loner's V2! I was doing some google searching and can't find my answer.