Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Never let it be said...

...that the Australians don't like their drink!

They may make their JaegerBombs just like we do, but down here in Oz they get all creative and drink them after tipping over the glasses into each other like dominoes! Kind of a pain in the ass to shoot after that, but fun to watch and marvel at when you're half in the bag.

We were also introduced to a few new shots, like the Pancake, which is vodka, Bailey's and something else I forget, with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sugared rim. It tastes just like... you guessed it... a pancake! It really does!

And these bad boys below were Jam Donuts, which are Bailey's, Chambord and something else, also with sugared rims, that tasted just like jam, or jelly for us Americans, donuts! Again, the similar taste was uncanny.

They may taste good, but are they potent, you may ask? It was our new drinking buddy John Rhys-Davies (aka Gimli from LOTR, or more importantly Sallah from Raiders of the Lost Ark!) who put it most eloquently when he said, "If I put one more jam donut into my body, the half-dozen I'd just ingested will soon be making their way out."

And then there were the Squished Frogs, my least favorite new shot, which were vodka, creme de minte and Bailey's (Yes, they like their Bailey's down here!) with a touch of Chambord on top for the bloody squished effect.

And even though I didn't particularly like them, you wouldn't catch me complaining about them...

However, the clear winner of strongest but most disgusting shot of the night went to the Navy Seal, aka the ABC shot, which was Absinthe, Bacardi 151 and Cointreau. Uggh! Tasted like shit and knocked you on your ass! Even I could only stomach one.

And since I've been asked what my favorite Aussie beer so far is, it's James Esquire Pale Ale. A simply wonderful brew!!


Scott Sackett said...

Holy Crap, John Rhys-Davies!I'm impressed!

waki said...

got one for you.... "candy"

2oz clear tequila
2oz rasberry skyy or absolute
packet of splenda

sweet as a luden's candy cough drop

Shannan said...

Oh God, C.B. you got to get shitty with Sallah! You are once again my hero...it only took 20 years but the time has come again. Wow...may I repeat...Wow.