Monday, May 08, 2006

A New Day, A New Notebook

Usually, wherever I go I keep a notebook and pen handy. I write down anything that comes to mind or that I experience; things I think are worth jotting down and keeping. Ideas, imagery, funny stories, memories, things I saw, conversations I overheard, feelings, drunken ramblings, personal confessions, quotes, dreams... whatever. I've been keeping books like this for years. And whenever I'm stuck or need an idea or feel nostalgic, I open up one of the old ones and start reading. A trip down memory lane in some way, shape or form every time...

My last notebook was started in September 2004 and just last week I filled the last page. Black ink to the last line. No more room.

So it was time for a new notebook. Time to start fresh. Blank pages!

Hence, the new profile pic. Me with pen in hand ready to keep the creative process flowing. I never know when inspiration's gonna hit or what's gonna come out of my mind through that pen.

It's this constant uncertainity, this mystery, that makes writing so much fun.

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