Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Message From Runaways' Molly Hayes

Thought I'd do Molly a favor and would pass this on for you here...

"Molly Hayes here with some pretty exciting news! And no, dumb old Wolverine hasn't gotten his stupid hair fixed yet or anything like that...

Actually, my life story is going to be told in comic form! I know, I know, yeah... my life is kinda already being told by that balding BKV guy who's leaving us for some spooky island with some Others or something, I heard. Boooo! But these two really cool people, cool for adults anyway, are putting my life into one 48-page, one-shot comic so everyone can catch up before that guy who wrote Buffy the Vampire Slayer takes over our monthly comic. (And yes, I do think I'm old enough to watch the show, Nico!!) C.B. Cebulski and Mindy Owens are the two telling my story in Marvel's new Runaways Saga Special and they're big fans of what me and my friends do all day, like protecting L.A. and playing board games, so they get the "Molly's Super Amazing Stamp of Awesomeness ® "! Plus, artist Humberto Ramos is on board to draw a new short story with me and the gang! Wait till you see how he draws me... I look so cute and cool!!

Seriously, guys, I just read what they wrote and it's a good starting point for the people who have no idea who we are, or for the regular readers who need a Runaways refresher course, or for the fans who have to have everything and anything Runaways related. It doesn't really matter what kind of comic fan you are, but could you please buy the comic when it comes out in March so we can pay for gas for our ship, the Leapfrog, to help us keep us running? New York City is not cheap! You wouldn't believe all the crazy stuff we've been through and where we're going next!!

So what are you still reading this for?! Go pre-order your copy today!!

Molly "Princess Powerful" Hayes

PS: If any of you spot a box of "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs", can you pick one up for me?"


Little Jen said...

Aw, CB, that's so cute... ;-)

frank said...

awesome, you're cool, i love humberto. leave my wallet alone!

christian said...

you accurately portray Molly's voice. Impressive