Saturday, April 14, 2007

It Was Carney's!

We now have our tenth winner to the Loners #1 Food Find contest!! Now that's it's all said and done, I can give you the answer I was looking for. The other L.A. restaurant tribute in the first issue was... Carney's on Sunset! You can see it on page four, where Phil and Mickey are talking about Julie. They're sitting outside at Carney's.

I wrote Carney's into the script as it's one of my favorite restaurants. Originally that was a much longer scene, but we reduced it to one page to move the story along and get more time of the kids talking in their meeting. Tom Brevoort even reminded me yesterday that he was there eating chili dogs with me when I originally said "I'm so writing Carney's into the book!" right after Loners got approved.

I LOVE Carney's!! They make amazing chili and it's so good on their dogs, burgers and especially the fries! Please go and check them out if you have a chance. The restaurant is an actual big yellow train car, so you can't miss it. You can check them out at

Funny Carney's story that involves comics... I was there a number of years back after San Diego and we were having an early chili-infused lunch before jetting off to LAX. The place was practically empty and suddenly from behind me I hear, "I'll have a chili burger and a beer, please." It was a voice I was all too familiar with, so I turn around and sure enough, there he was... Stan Lee!! The Man himself having beef and a beer at 11AM!! This was before I was at Marvel so I had never met Stan before. I was starstruck! So we waited around and introduced ourselves. Stan was so cool and gracious and spoke with us a bit then took pictures. We almost missed our flight but it was worth it! So there's another reason to go there... Stan Lee eats there!!

Many thanks again to everyone here who bought and read Loners #1!


Jennifer said...

Awww!! SO COOL (about Stan)!!

You gonna take me there when we're in San Diego this year!?


You wrote a comic about high school?
I need a copy.
email me

Church Silverhammer said...

THX 4 wonderful story about Carneys