Monday, February 04, 2008

Italia Here I Come!

Despite ChesterQuest having "officially" ended, I will be making one additional, last-minute stop on the tour... Italy!

I've felt bad for months now for having missed the comics festival in Lucca last year. I know I let down a lot of Italian artists and fans. However, these unfortunate circumstances did not go unnoticed by Marvel's publisher in Italy, PANINI, and my friends Francesco and Sara there were kind enough to be able to make arrangements for me to fly in for Mantova Comics and Games 2008! I'll be there all three days, from February 29th to March 2nd and you can read all about my appearance here.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!


Gareth said...

This is going to be awesome.

P@olo said...

I'm happy to read this, I hope to have a chat with you during the convention.