Thursday, March 13, 2008


I had this crazy dream last night that Rainn Wilson and I were pro basketball players who quit the game to become lumberjacks. While having lunch one day after a hard morning's logging, we were attacked by a swarm of bees, only to be saved by Britney Spears and Travis Charest who came to our rescue wielding these sci-fi sonic weapons.

Explain that one! :)


joão lemos said...

All those great ideas and not a single one landing on those lousy scripts of yours...

Kris Carter said...

I dream that dream every day... *sigh*

P@olo said...

Britney Spears and Travis Charest....what a fantastic team.
I wonder about their powers that they could had into your dream :D

About your dream...Maybe you read a comic done by travis while you listen britney during the play session of basketball game at the tv? :P

Sometimes dreams are really strange, even when we take a look at several things that catch up our attention.

Next time me and simone and Pamela anderson will save you from your nightmare :D

ANX said...

It means that you want to write a one shot comic about a crazy girl wandering through the woods and is saved by the Bionic Six and Travis Charest will collab with you on it. It is destiny.