Monday, March 15, 2010

Deadpool's Killer New Moves


calcinaro said...

bad dancer!

Adam said...

Mr. Cebulski,

I am a Joe Kubert student. I couldn't find your email address on the handout that they gave us. I just wanted to thank you for coming to our school and answering some questions. My friend Tony and I left you a couple discs with some images. If you have any feedback that would be greatly appreciated. My email is Thanks again for coming to our school. I hope you get this.

Adam Pedrone

Doug Cloud said...

It's my habit to comment on any web site where someone has a super cool cartoon version of themselves plastered on the main page.

Manuel Alves said...

After seeing that (dear lord!), I pretty much prefer a merc with a mouth rather than a merc with a move.

Andy Jewett said...

yikes. hilarious.

carymarioroberts said...

hello my name is cary
i have comic/graphic novel im working on that i would like to show you if you have the time
please contact me
thank you for your time

peterparker70 said...

Hello Mr. CEBULSKI, are not a professional comic artist, I have some test tables for Marvel, you could kindly tell me how can I send you my drawings for your honorable court?
Thanks for the time allotted .... Hello ... Gerardo.

Jonathan said...

Hello CBC! Just wanted to ask what kind of advice you have for anyone on the writing side of the medium. Any tidbits of information regarding standardized one sheets, or proposal submissions would be hugely appreciated. As well, anywhere or anyone you would suggest going to for mentoring and critiquing current work?
As well, I noticed you will be coming to FanEXpo in Toronto again (Is this 12 years now?) and wondered if you would be doing any workshops, or would be able to talk.
Thanks in advance!
Jonathan Stainton

Monyo said...

Hello Mr. CEBULSKI,I`m an Argentinian comic artist and I want to send you samples of my work. Sometimes it`s hard reach Marvel publishers from here and the chance to travel to a USA Com, isn`t an option right now.

sorry for disturb you here, and thanks for your attention.

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George Caltsoudas said...

Oh my God, that's so wrong. BUT FUN! I can't believe I only just saw this. I haven't been here in ages. I think because all the food shots constantly made my stomach growl. You're more just into twitter now, I guess.

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