Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gotta love the Mos!!

I was just going through some of my Japan pics and found these which I thought I'd share.

My favorite restaurant in Japan is Mos Burger. Basically, it's an upscale Japanese version of McDonalds, but 10 times better! They have this special Mos Sauce they put on their burgers that is out of this world! Mos has been expanding recently too, opening up these select new Green Mos, which have pricer menus with exclusive specialty burgers that have classy toppings and sauces. They only make 40 a day too and people line up for them. Yeah, it's kind of a gimmick, but a good one. And now, in Kichijoji in Tokyo, they've opened Mos C, for Classic, which is a traditional sit-down burger restaurant which offers rather expensive 100% pure Kobe Beef burgers. So knowing my affinity for all thing Mos, my buddy Aki made sure we took a trip there and it was WELL WORTH IT!

Here's my $20.00 Kobe Beef Double Chili Cheeseburger! The picture doesn't do it justice, but I think I can safely say it was one of, if not THE most amazing burger I've ever eaten!!

Aki had the Double Avacado Onion Burger, and I think this pic gives you a better idea as to the size of these big boys.

We also split some sliced Avacado with a soy yuzu sauce and some onion rings. Avacado is kind of the hip food in Japan now, actually.

So from now on, every trip to Japan will find me taking a special trip to Mos C. I still dream of that burger!


TAK said...


Maji umaso....

manyhats76 said...

eh? now I gotta to go to Kichijoji for some good burgers.

You find some really cool stuff in Tokyo.


They had Mos burgers in Taiwan. I went there every chance I got.