Tuesday, February 28, 2006


So I was invited to do my first ever podcast with the great guys over at Comic Geek Speak. I spent a little over an hour chatting with Kevin, Bryan and the whole CGS crew about everything from my start in comics to Japan and manga to my current projects. They're an awesome bunch of guys who really asked some insightful questions and I think the whole interview turned out really well.

Please feel free to pop over and give it a listen. Here's the link:



Leef said...

Hey C.B.,

Just listened to the CGS interview and really enjoyed it. I'm not all that familiar with your work, but I'm inspired to track down I (heart)Marvel AI.

Also wanted to say, I hear your pain on the whole childhood macrobiotic diet stuff. My family was macrobiotic till I was about 10, and I serious think we had brown rice, steam veggies and tofu everyday for years. But great story on how that led you into manga.

sdsichero said...

Listening to your interview now. Great stuff. Very interesing stories and am very excited to hear that Japanese creators are interested in working with Marvel. I am Japanese ethnically, but grew up in the US. As a kid I would pore through the "phonebook" manga amazed with stories of Getter Robo and the like. I hope more Japanese artists can work on Marvel titles. Make it so! :)

Peter said...


It was a pleasure meeting you at NY Comic-Con! Looking forward to our next conversation!