Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Best Part of NYCC

The madhouse that was the New York Comic Con is now over. You can read all about it on hundreds of other blogs, so I won't get into it too much here. I thought it was a great con and had a fantastic time. I really didn't get home before 2AM any night last week as all kinds of friends and guests were in town. But that's the price you pay, right?

The biggest con surprise for me was that Marvel created this huge New Mangaverse banner they hung from the ceiling over their booth! I was blown away!! I asked Marketing Director John Dokes about it, expressing my surprise, and he explained once he looked at the layout of the con floor, he noticed the Marvel booth was across from Viz and Tokyo Pop and thought that image would turn possibly manga fans heads. Smart move!


Shannon said...

Very cool.
I hear NYCC was very successful and insane. :)
Megacon was great. Maybe you'll come down next year for it.

manyhats76 said...

yeah sweet banner CB. Yeah I also heard that NYCC was crazy.