Friday, March 10, 2006

I Hate People!

Sometimes I really really hate people!! It's so easy to be nice and polite and cool about things, but some people just have to naturally always be assholes! I can't stand it!! You ask a simple question and expect a civil answer and some folk always feel the need to be a dick when they reply. Arrgghh! Sometimes I wish I could just live in a world where I didn't have to deal with pin-headed pricks! Bendis' Club Cinderella rant in the new issue of Powers makes so much more sense to me right now!

Happy fucking Friday!!


Shannon said...

This is something I think about almost daily. Working in retail really brings such thoughts to the forefront of your mind. Maybe that's why when I write, a lot of my characters are angry. Heh.

Jonathan Ellis said...

People are ugly, stupid and they smell

haven't you ever taken a bus?

having been beside you while conducting portfolio reviews... i know how incredibly kind and patient you can be

Little Jen said...

Oh man, that's all Jeff hears me say everyday! I fucking HATE people. But then, there are times like this past weekend where I meet so many cool people and get to hang out with them and have a good time and that makes me love them. And then people like our waiter at that Ladder 28 place (or whatever it's called). Think of him, CB, think of him!! <3

Also, tell me what it is that got you all like this!