Tuesday, August 29, 2006

X-Men Fairy Tales 4 - On Sale August 30th

X-Men Fairy Tales #4, the last issue of my mini-series, goes on sale tomorrow, August 30th. Starring Gambit and Rogue in a Southern ghost story, it's beautifully illustrated by the amazing Kei Kobayashi, lushly colored by Guru eFX, and features a breathtaking Claire Wendling cover! I hope those of you that pick it up really do enjoy it and I look forward to discussing it with you here.

Wendling XFT4 Cover

Thanks for your suport!

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threaza said...


Thank-you so much for this book.

It was sweet but felt a little disjointed, in that, we really didn't get to see/feel the R&R relationship mature (to the prince/princess stage it was in the end) so it felt somewhat strange in the end.

But given the limited space you had to convey the relationship amongst all the other stuff that was happening, it was forgiveable.

I LOVED the spin on the characters, Rogue a thief and Remy a cop. Also, LOVED that you made Irene, Rogue's sister. This is the first alternate world where Rogue had a sibling. It's pretty cool. Also loved that Gambit didn't pass out when he gave Rogue CPR.

One last thing, I think you got Gambit really well as you had him kidding around (nervously) when he was in trouble and being the reluctant hero (prince) cause he had to be.

I wish this was the first in a new alternate series where we could continue to read about these fairy tale characters' lives.

Anyway, thanks for the R&R and especially for Gambit as he's gone from the MU now and this was the last chance to read about him.

Take care,
Threaza (Maria)

Tammy said...

Thank you for this issue. I really enjoyed it, especially since Rogue and Gambit will be separated for quite a while in the 616 universe.

It's a small detail but I'm so glad you called Rogue, Anna. Since she went by that in X-Treme X-Men and her series confirmed that her real name is Anna Marie, it's nice to see it being used in other Marvel books.

I do have a couple of questions. The first is about a black and white preview page that came out a while ago but never appeared in the issue. It had Gambit taking Rogue by the hand and leading her away from snakes and other creatures. Did the story change? Or was this image never really going to be in the book?

I'm also curious about the relationship between the Southern couple. Bishop called Gambit a prince and made a comment about him having already fallen. Remy and Anna both made a reference to Prince Charming/a knight and his princess. Are we supposed to get a Cinderella/love at first site vibe from them? What is the state of their relationship at the end of the issue? And how did Rogue know that Gambit would come for her?

My last question is about what story this issue is based on. I heard it came from a Southern ghost tale. Which one was it? Or were there a couple used here?

Anyway, thanks again for writing this issue. It was a fun read. Thank you especially for the happy ending. The couple holding hands a the end and Rogue wearing Gambit's coat really made me smile.