Monday, August 13, 2007

Slacking TV Execs?

I just tried to watch the new ABC animated series Slacker Cats. I like cats, I like animation and I'm a slacker, so I'm their target audience, right? Holy shit, was it horrendous! Pitiful! So bad I couldn't even watch past the first 5 minutes!

How the hell did a piece of garbage like this get greenlit? What are studio executives thinking? How could anyone have watched this and approved it? If it was for kids, I would understand, but it was on at 10PM and had adult overtones, so I don't think it was for the Disney or Nick kid crowds.

Watching Clyde and Lotto sleep was more interesting than suffering through that piece of crap.


Seth said...

No kidding! A prime example of cross-demo-marketing that wound up appealing to no one... like the Garfield movies.

Girl said...

I didn't watch it, but the commercials pretty much guaranteed I'd hate it...