Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dream A Lot Of Dream

I've been dreaming more vividly than ever these past few weeks. It's been extraordinary even for an "experienced" dreamer like me. I've been watching these full movies, with beginnings, middles and ends, play out in my sleeping mind. Sometimes I'm starring in them and other times some of you are are. Friends past and present, family, co-workers, celebrities... they're/you're all walking in and out of my head, starring in these nocturnal adventures. These dreams are coming at me more complete, more... powerful than ever before.

The funny thing is that the dreams now also fade faster. As soon as I wake up, the entire dream is still fresh in my head and I grab my pen and attempt to write it all down, as I usually do. However, the mental motion pictures now bleed from memory so much quicker than they ever have in the past. I can now usually never get past the first act in my scribbles before it's all gone. Maybe it's simply because these new dreams are longer and more complex that anything I've experienced in the past. Maybe my sleep memory just doesn't have the capacity to keep it all saved for that long once I awake. I don't know how to explain it any better than that.

One fact that didn't escape my notice though is that this all started right after my recent trips to Europe. These incredible dreams all started coming to me as soon as I left Portugal, the first one hitting me on my flight back from Lisbon to NYC. They then followed me to Dublin and got even stronger this past week after I got back. I take this as a good sign.

I've been worn down from work recently. Feeling almost a little creatively bankrupt of late, to be honest. But experiencing the cultures of both beautiful countries, hanging out with friends, and running in the creative/artistic circles that I was a part of on both trips, I came back feeling refreshed and invigorated. Inspired, if you will! And inspiration was what I desperately needed. So the trips were well worth it if you ask me... something out of a dream.

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A Mithra named Alth Aaiaa (Althaia) said...

You're so lucky! I used to dream that way when I was younger, but I have to say adult responsibilities have kept me creatively and emotionally down these past few years. Still, I get interesting scenarios from the sci-fi genre at least once a month. I've had some pretty amazing dreams that, humorously enough, star actors I've seen on TV or in the movies. More often, however, it's merely scenarios with people I know. Oh well, I'm lucky for what I do get, lol. Good luck with everything!