Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Land Of Guinness

I know I still have to finish posting about Portugal, and I have some great pics to share, but I'm in Dublin now and will try and send out a few updates from here as well. Cheers!


Seth said...

Ha ha! That just made my day.

Jason Meek said...

Nice shirt and good luck out there.

David said...

Hey CB,

Thanks for coming to the Dublin con. You were really good for answering all those questions.

Hopefully you enjoyed your stay and you'll make it over again some time.

Thanks again.

Rich said...

Hi CB,

Just want to say it was great meeting you at the con, I think every one appreciated that you spent so long on the panels answering questions. I hope you make it out this way again next year. One last thing, I know your a busy guy but if you get a second could you check out my blog and let me know what you think of my work, cheers

Dec said...

That's a pint of 'Guinnicks' you're holding ....right?

Great to meet you at the Dublin con C.B.

Have a safe trip home,

All the best,


Stephen Thompson said...

Hey C.B. Thanks for making our little town a stop on your world tour. It was very much appreciated, especially by the artistic community here, including our little IDW sweatshop. Hope you can make it back in 2008!