Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cool Mini-Comics

I posted earlier in the week about some good comics I've read recently, but this weekend I caught up on a couple mini-comics that I couldn't recommend more highly...

I've been reading Jacob Chabot's The Mighty Skullboy Army for years now and fell in love with it from day one. Jacob is an AMAZING talent and makes me laugh out loud with every new issue he puts out. I just picked up issues 8 and 9 at the New York Anime Fest last weekend and he just gets better with every issue. He also recently put out a sketchbook that's equally impressive. You can check out all his work and buy the mini-comics at his website

I also came across Monica Gallagher's Boobage at Jim Hanley's Universe and was really impressed. It's an autobiographical story about the ups and down of her having grown up with small breasts. And while it's not a situation I can personally relate to, Monica tells it in such an honest and open way with such a witty and poignant style that you can't help but feel what she felt as you turn the pages. While I was unfamiliar with her work before, I'm now a fan and just tracked down her other comics. Please be sure to check out her site


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