Sunday, August 17, 2008

FanExpo Toronto Schedule

I'll be heading up to Canada this coming weekend, August 22nd - 24th, for FanExpo Toronto. TO is an amazing city and this con is easily one of my favorites every year! I never miss it. I actually think this year is my 10th anniversary of attending the show.

I'll have a booth in Artists Alley, P5, and my signing and panel schedule looks like this:


4PM – Signing @ Marvel Booth

5PM - Cool School: Breaking into Comics Q&A with C.B. Cebulski, Room 713A

8PM – X-Men’s Destiny Panel, Room 717


1PM – Breaking into the House of Ideas Panel, Room 717

2PM – Cup o’ C.B. Panel, Room 717

5PM – Signing @ Marvel Booth


12PM – Signing @ Marvel Booth

2PM – The Marvel Universe Game Show, Room 717 (Not sure what this even is?!)

3PM – Marvel: Your Universe Panel, Room 715B

I hope to see many of you there! Oh, and if you come bearing gifts, I prefer Rickett's Red! :)

Take care,


Sabrefan27 said...

I believe it is Rickard's Red Mr. Cebulski.... and if I can smuggle some in, yours will be the first table I bring one to. :)

Mark McKay said...

Can't wait for your panel tomorrow! Hope you talk about how to break into other aspects of Marvel and not just writing comics!