Friday, November 14, 2008

Darkhawk in February

Written by me!

Check out the news here.


Olav The Hairy said...

Hey CB,

great to see you at Thought Bubble in UK on Saturday.

Excellent Marvel panel - I was the twit with Mjolnir who showed you my 5 year old daughters artistic vision of Thor and asked rambling questions.

all the best

Oliver Selby

Atlas said...

Will be looking for this when it comes out.


David (Aka Atlas)

aris said...

Me too. Cool. I am all over it.

Lurker said...

Totally geeking out. Darkhawk is the best!

Atlas said...

well I figure alot of comicers would be posting to this, so might as well ask, if anyone is interesting in giving impressions on 2 pages of comic script go ahead and check out my blog

thanks in advance to anyone who does,

regards all,

David (Aka Atlas)