Saturday, January 31, 2009

With a French Twist

Only had a few minutes for lunch today so I stepped out to grab a very quick lunch by myself. I was thrilled to find that this amazing little kebab place that Mutsumi and I discovered by chance a few years back was still in business. They make a killer kebab, but rather than on pita, they fill a baguette with the meat, veggies and sauce. Now I know it may not be the proper way to eat one, but it rocks this way!


the.duch said...

hi CB!
i'm back in Zurich and packing up everything for the trip to Milan... i will be in NY in couple of days!
hope you had a nice trip back home!

so see you there at comicon! :)

just can you tell me again where can i find you?


Jennifer Juniper said...

Holy crap that looks so frakkin' good. Even at 10AM.


ottogabos said...

hi,this is otto gabos,
we met some days ago outside mercure hotel in champniers. we're waiting for the navette and then we accept a ride offered by a gentle lady that was over there to carry jena luc cornette ( "les passe murailles" writer). Then I didn't see you and I spent the days signing my books at casterman stand.
how did you stay in angouleme?
Maybe I'll be at mantova convention and for sure at comicon in naples.
that's it.
this mail it's just to say hallo.
otto gabos

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