Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm outraged!


I used to respect Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. They found and featured a lot of cool restaurants and I always assumed that they did their best to find the best places possible. Until today.

They went to my hometown of Farfield, Connecticut to visit a "famous" hot dog joint. Now anyone who knows Fairfield food would have told you that they must be going to Rawley's. Rawley's is the oldest and BEST hot dog place in the town. Hands down. No question. The chili is to die for and cannot be beat. So you assume host Guy Fieri would roll in and eat there. Right?


He ends up at Super Duper Weenie, which is known as probably the second worst hot dog joint in the entire state. Ridiculous. Unbelievable. If they're gonna recommend a place like SDW, I now have lost all respect for the show.

Yes, on the upside, it will keep more tourists away from Rawley's. But it's a blow to my foodie pride that Fairfield finally makes the show and they don't spotlight the best the town has to offer.


Brian said...

I'll have to give Rawley's a shot next time I'm up there; got more than my fair share of SDW when I was there for college, and loved it.

I still remember in my Junior year at Fairfield, when they decided to park an SDW truck right next to the campus center for lunch... it made my college career.

(Then again, I'm a man of simple tastes - I usually got plain with ketchup. )

Adult Braces said...

Super Duper Weenie sounds like a comic book title.

Feenomite said...

They did the same when they came to SoCal.
Guy went to the Gaffey St. Diner (which is above average) and some poncey wack place at the Marina in Long Beach instead of going to Cisco Burger.
Cisco's is delicious and dineriffic by Cali standards, plus its owned by West Coast Choppers' Jesse James.
I don't understand the criteria for getting on that show, obviously being delicious and having a loyal following isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...
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amarygma said...

Drive up to Manchester, CT. There's a diner called "Shady Glen".,0,486587.venue

My dad's worked there since he was 16. Having always had no fewer than 2 gallons of ice cream in my fridge, it's always a little foreign when people go ga-ga over it at me.

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