Saturday, March 07, 2009

Today's Comic Purchases

It's been a while since I posted a list like this, but since people over on Twitter have been asking what I bought after spending a few hours at Jim Hanley's Universe and Midtown Comics today, here's what I picked up...

Naoki Urasamwa's Monster Vols. 16-18
20th Century Boys Vol. 1
Blade of the Immortal Vol. 20
Slam Dunk Vol. 1 (Viz Edition)
Umbrella Academy: Dallas 2-4
Four Eyes 2
G.I. Joe Origins 1
Aspen Seasons Winter 2009
Hellboy: The Wild Hunt 4
Johnny Hiro 1 & 2
The Art of Paul Duffield
Criminal Vol. 4 : Bad Night
Soulfire: Shadow Magic 3
The Great Unknown 1
I Kill Giants 6 & 7
Executive Assiatant Iris 0
Youngblood 8
Body Bags One-Shot
Life Sucks OGN
Dead Irons 1 & 2
Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft HC
Killer of Demons 1
Hexed 2
Inbound Issue 01


Emsie said...

Hey there, I followed the link from your Twitter - on which I stalk you ^_~
(don't worry, we have at least met briefly over a free curry at the Leeds comic con last year - so I'm not an entirely scary stalker.)
Nyoho -I spy the art of Paul Duffield in the list. Good choice. I'll be sure to tell him, if he hasn't seen this alreay ^_^

I have Locke and Key sat here to read as well....Must make time!

Carriertone Studios said...

Johnny Hiro is great, and highly under-read. The Art of Paul Duffield is great too, except too little of his fantastic art for the cover price. :( Damn, did you drop a grand at the comic shop or what!? :)

=pete= said...

Johnny Hiro is an awesome book, Fred Chao is great! Also the Great Unknown was one of the best new books I have read in awhile.

David said...

20th Century Boys Vol. 1.
Wait until vol 5...
It won't let you go, either. :)

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