Monday, April 10, 2006

A New Career?

I took apart my Mac this weekend to replace the keyboard. Not much work really, but I'm amazed that their laptop keyboards are one simple removable piece. If this comic writing career ever dries up I guess I can always go work for Apple tech support now. :)

I had to replace it as I wore away over half the letters on the keys, as you can see. I could still type as I've come to instinctively learn where the letters are, which I guess is how most normal people type. No, I never took typing in high school so this is all new to me. Still, there were too many mistakes happening as I couldn't tell 'E' from 'R' as I looked down and it was becoming time-consuming going back and fixing every line of script. So Apple hooked me up with a new one for free and now I'm good to go!

Gotta love Mac!!


Scott Sackett said...

When I was in school I had an overnight job laying out advertising at a small newspaper. Fequently the owner/editor/chief writer would be working. I could hear him pounding away on his keyboard, sounding like a machine gun.

One night I walked to his desk and was astonished.

He was typing with both index fingers, blasting away at light speed, eyes fixed to his monitor.

He told me he never learned to type and just 'learned to go fast.'

C.B. Cebulski said...

I'm a two finger typist myself. Both index fingers slamming the keys and my thumb for the space bar.

manyhats76 said...

I had a typing class in HS. That was the most mind numbing course. This was before windows.

Ray Dillon said...

Good grief!! How did you manage to wear off the keys?? I've been using my Mac desktop for 6 years and they're all there. And my iBook for 2.

Ha! You're a typin' madman!