Wednesday, April 12, 2006

World Premiere

Marvel has given me the OK to debut some art from X-Men Fairy Tales #3 here online. Thanks, Jimmy Mac!

First off, the cover...

Like most writers, I keep a list of "dream artists" who I would love to work with one day. Renowned French illustrator Claire Wendling's name sits firmly in the my top three. So I could not be happier to announce that Claire will be bringing her artistic grace to our cover this issue:

I believe this might even be her American comics debut...

A heartfelt thanks to my friend Olivier Jalabert for helping make this happen! I owe you, brother!

Katsuhiro Otomo... I'm coming for you next!

And speaking of manga artists, the issue's intertiors will be illustrated by one of the most talented and accliamed artists currently working in Japan, Kei Kobayashi! Kei was my partner-in-crime on the masterful Medusa story in the I (Heart) Marvel special that received rave reviews, and he's going to top himself on this story. See for yourself:

X-Men Fairy Tales #3 is on sale in July and available for pre-order in the upcoming Diamond Previews catalog!


Jonathan Ellis said...

nice - so what's this issues story based on?

Craig Yeung said...

Wendling is an awesome artist! Can't wait to see this issue!

=shane white= said...

Wow...this is great. Glad to see more of her work. Hope it's as good as her personal stuff.


Rodney Githens said...

Looks great and by the way I have been reading your a blog for a little while I wanted to say what's up.Long time no talk.


Wendling'the drawing godess'is back!!!
the world gets better.

Ray Dillon said...

God, that IS gorgeous!


threaza said...


THANK-YOU for the cover and page. They look awesome!

I'll definitely be buying it!