Friday, September 15, 2006

Dissecting Last Night's Dream

So here's what I can determine about the dream I had last night...

I was with Tyra Banks (who I saw on TV before I went to bed)
who was fully clothed (Damn!)
riding in a black Navigator (Blink 182 guys showed up in one at Hanley's)
shopping for my friend MacKenzie. (who I spoke with yesterday about her upcoming wedding)
I believe Patton Oswalt was also in the car (read his interview with Bendis recently)
and we stopped at this trendy pancake place. (no idea as I don't really like pancakes)
We ordered a blueberry pancake a cherry pancake and a nut muffin (muffin was probably for me)
and the bill came to $15.52. (No idea what that number means)
I commented that was a little pricey for breakfast food (I thought the same thing about dinner I had last night)
but paid with a crisp twenty dollar bill. (I got a bunch of those from the ATM yesterday)

I always find it interesting trying to make these connections between the waking and dreaming worlds.

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