Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 24th

We were going to try and get out to Ralph Macchio's house this weekend for an end-of-summer pool party, but it rained for most of it and that plan fell apart. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday indoors anyway so the shitty weather didn't bother me much, but it finally cleared this afternoon so I was able to get out and do some shopping and practice my photography skills. I walked around looking for cool fire escapes to take pictures of as you can usually find people leaving random things on theirs, but there wasn't much to see this time around in my area. But here's one that gives you a choice should your building be burning; climb down the ladders floor by floor, or swing down on the vines...

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Scott Sackett said...

Nice picture! Most buildings around here are only a couple of stories, so I find fire escapes kind of neat.

When we were in NYC, we noticed the apartments across from our hotel had strange stuff on their balconies. Several had sections of stockade fence. We wondered how the heck did they get those up there? Can you buy stockade fencing in Manhattan? How do you get it home?