Monday, July 23, 2007

More on ChesterQuest

1 man.
6 months.
3 continents. (Possibly four.)
13 countries. (Possibly more.)
20 cities. (So far.)
12 artists who will be awarded the opportunity to work at Marvel Comics.

Possibly the largest worldwide comic book talent search ever undertaken.

Please come to the Mondo Marvel panel this Thursday, July 26th, at 4:45PM at the San Diego Comic Con, Room 6A, for all the details.


ANX said...

Wear Kevlar. I can sense that you will be mobbed by artists when you make the announcement. Have fun in San Diego!

Clint Hilinski said...

Hey CB,
Steve Kurth and I hung out with you in Minneapolis a few years back. This sounds awesome, if not daunting. I'm gonna be at WW Chicago. Is there a way to submit sample pages to you before then? I know it'll be a mad house. See you in Chicago!


Hugo Jesus said...

I have a comic shop in Oporto, Portugal. Any chance you could pass by here one day after or before Lisbon?