Wednesday, July 18, 2007

San Diego, Here I Come!

Yes, I will be in San Diego for Comic Con next week and I'm pleased to announce that I have a table in the Image Island section this year, booth 2729! I'll be sharing with David Finch, Sana Takeda of Drain, and Ryusuke Hamamoto, artist of Evangelion and the soon to be released Compass. We'll actually be selling an SDCC exclusive Compass Zero dojinshi at the show! So that's where I'll be hanging my hat for most of the show and I'll have plenty of copies of all my Image and Marvel books on hand for sale and signing. Please stop by and see us!!

As for panels, I'll be attending and speaking at the following ones...

Thursday - Mondo Marvel at 4:45PM - Details of ChesterQuest to be announced!

Friday - Cup O' Joe at 11:45AM and the Image Panel at 1:30PM

Saturday - the Aspen Panel at 1:30PM for a special announcement!

Sunday - the X-Men Panel at 11:45AM

And I have one signing at the Marvel booth at 3PM on Thursday with David Finch as well as Tommy Ohtsuka (Slayers, Marvel Mangaverse) and Gurihiru (Power Pack) who are both flying in from Japan!

And you'll always be able to find me at the bar at Hyatt in the evenings, I'm sure.

Hope to see you all there!

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Scott Sackett said...

Hey CB, how about posting the "ChesterQuest" details online soon after the announcement so us poor slobs who opted to go to Chicago don't get stiffed on the deal.

It's bad enough we don't get to bid on the "Win a Date with CB" auction!