Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Chesterfest Online Index

As I continue to post and tweet and e-mail advice to folks about breaking into comics, a number of people have been asking about the best places online where aspiring writers can meet potential artists for their projects, and vice versa. I posted a few of my suggestions today, and the Twitterverse then responded with some recommendations and additions of their own. So before some website or other blog collects all the information, I figured I'd post the list that was generated here...

Digital Webbing: http://www.digitalwebbing.com/forums

Pencil Jack: http://www.penciljack.com

Brian Bendis' Jinxworld Forum: http://www.jinxworld.com

Mark Millar's Millarworld Creative Forum: http://forums.millarworld.tv/index.php?showforum=19

Concept Art: http://www.conceptart.org

Panel & Pixel http://www.panelandpixel.com

Ten Ton Studios: http://www.tentonstudios.com/forum

Comic Space: http://www.comicspace.com

Atlanta Comics Creator Group: http://atlcomix.ning

Ronin Studios: http://forums.ronin-studios.com/forumdisplay.php?f=57

The iFanboy Forums: http://www.revision3.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=20

Now I'm not promoting or endorsing any of these sites. Some I'd never even heard of or visited myself until today. Which is why I'm not hot-linking them. I'm just posting this list as a resource generated by myself and a few other people who've had success finding creative partners using these sites. Visit at your own pleasure, risk, peril... whatever. And of course, when on any creative forum, be cool and be professional. I'll probably start twittering about the etiquette of making contact and finding the right person(s) to partner with in future Twitter rants. Which will also most likely be collected and posted here. :)

Now go out and make comics. And most importantly, have fun doing it!!


Liz Argall said...

Great twitter and blog posts. In addition:

A lot of Australian Comic creators drop by http://forums.pulpfaction.net/

Aussie Manga creators are more likely to hang out here http://forums.oztaku.com/

Rojo said...

Thanks, I found several proposals on Digital Webbing. Some were bad experiences but in general there are good people. I had the good luck to work in my next project
Serpent Wars as drawer. You can see it here www.serpentwars.com

Ria said...

Boston Comics Roundtable

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