Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Proof... don't need artistic talent to work in comics. Writers should never draw!

Would you believe someone tried to sell that Red Sonja sketch card for $100 on eBay?!


Timothy O'Briant said...

I'd believe that. Wonder if he got any bids?

Dawn Phillips said...

There maybe some potential to becoming an illustrator. Your stick figures show you have a great sense of humor.If you're every in the need for an illustrator consider me.
Kind Regards,
Dawn Phillips

onegemini said...

I believe it. Someone is trying to sell one of my black and gray Venoms right now for $300. :P

William Dean Blankenship Jr. said...

You hear that? You have potential. Never give up hope. :D

Csyeung said...

That Cap is Awesome!

Jonathan A Moore said...

haha I love that Cap.

Crazz said...

I got something like that from Loeb back at Wizard World Chicago 07. He said the same thing, "Writers Shouldn't Draw!" I thought it was freakin hilarious and it's one of my all-time favorite con sketches!

Randy P. Valiente said...

Hi Mr. Cebulski,

I've been following your blog and twitter for months now. But it's the first time i am writing you and I also noticed that you don't have email address on this blog so I could contact you directly. So I am hoping you could read this.

I am a professional comicbook artist from the Philippines and would like to have a tryout to work in the US comics. Some of works can be found here:

Any feedbacks and reactions is highly appreciated.



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