Monday, April 27, 2009

Jamba Juice Secret Menu

I've been to two different Jamba Juice joints here in the city this week and neither knew how to make the Sour Patch Kid drink off their secret menu. I guess the menu is so secret they even keep it hidden from their employees. Anyway, on the advice of one of the drink mixers I spoke with today, I found the recipe online and will bring it with me next time I go. And since I went through the trouble of googling it, I thought I'd post it here for you all as well...

Original size
12 oz lemonade
One scoop of each sherbert, lime, pineapple, raspberry, and orange
One scoop of blueberries

The other drink off their secret menu they caught my eye was this one:

Soymilk (tell them you want the Protien Berry Pizzaz, and you want
to substitute everything except the soymilk with...
Orange sherbert
Rasp sherbert
Lime sherbert
Pineapple sherbert

Other secret Jamba Juice flavors include:

- White Gummi Bear
- Red Gummi Bear
- Green Gummi Bear
- Starburst
- Sourpatch Kid
- Now and Later
- Peanut Butter and Jelly
- Apple Pie
- Skittles

And a little "legal disclaimer" I found online along with the recipes: "Jamba Juice does not recognize, endorse, or approve any of these smoothies due to copyright and trademark on names. However, the White Gummi, Pink Star, and Strawberry Shortcake have been added to Jamba's register system as well as the employee recipe list, though remains off the menu visible to customers.



Jennifer Juniper said...

Secret menu?! That's so weird! Why do they have this? And how did you know??

Cia(see-ya) said...

I work at jamba juice and we don't really have a secret menu. we have our old smoothies like white gummi and pink star. But smoothies like sour patch kid, fruity pebbles, endless lime, bubble gum blast, thank you jesus; etc. are all smoothies customers have made up. they are not on the menu and we have been instructed by corporate not to make them unless the customer gives us the recipe because there are many different variations of them; such as your sourpatch kid: I like to make it as a white gummi- no mangos, soy milk or peach juice sub blue berries and lemonade, but some people make it with strawberries and apple juice.

mcaacmpsr2007 said...

Really cause corporate hasn't told us that one.

taylorbmph said...

ok so ihave order a red green and wite gummi if you say it at first they look at you and then they willl make it it is the best smoothie ever

Linda said...

Could you please post all of the secret menu items!!! Thanks

Cia(see-ya) said...

Some people make them by chance of getting in trouble. (FYI: White gummi and pink star are just old smoothies, Don't get excited, they are on our menu. My suggestion is to go to

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Shane said...

The best list of jamba juice secret menu items is at by far.