Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hola from Barcelona!

Our flight to Barcelona left on time and arrived an hour early. How often does that happen these days?! Go Delta! The mood in the plane was great too as the pilot announced right before take-off that Barcelona had beaten Manchester United 2 to 0 in the Championship League soccer finals. Sorry, Brits!

As we got in early, before 8AM, our rooms weren't ready so we went out for some coffee and pastry, but I ended up having a jamon serrano sandwich, which is always the first thing everyone should eat on arrival in Spain! When we finally did check in we got a room with a view of the Plaza Espanya, which Mutsumi requested as she read on a Japanese blog was the way to go, and they weren't kidding...

Our hotel is right next to the old bullfighting arena, which is now being renovated into a shopping mall that will also house the world's largest collection of rock n' roll memoribilia.

See the clock on the hotel? Our room is all the way to the right of it.

And last time we were here, we discovered this great little Spanish brasserie that served simple yet amazing food, and since it wasn't too far of a walk, we headed over for our first official beers in Barcelona! Cheers!!


c. jorge said...

I'll be at the convention during the weekend, in and around the Panini Comics lot.
I'd like to say hello and introduce myself, I'm a journalist and editor of a couple of sites devoted to Marvel, Universo Marvel and Marvelmania.

Scott Sackett said...

Something looks different... said... could at least TRY to make your job look hard once in a while. You know, just to make the rest of us feel better! ; )

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