Monday, May 04, 2009

Move Over Moleskine...

Japanese theaters always sell cool little bobbles and trinkets for fans to buy after they see a movie they like. I always wish we could get a lot of it here. As I helped out my buddy Aki and Paramount Japan with a few Iron Man issues last year, they hooked me up with a lot of the awesome IM keychains, pens and folders they produced for theaters there. Now Watchmen just open in Japan this past weekend and Aki shot me over a pic of one of the goodies they're selling... a reproduction of Rorschach's notebook!


Adult Braces said...

Oh that is too cool. I think I could put down the Moleskine for one of those!

Andrea said...

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Jennifer Juniper said...


Tom said...

Hey, just wanted to see if you can help me out with some critiques of my blogspot:

I wanted to see if I could possibly get my hands on some sample scripts from Marvel, and if you knew how I could get some. I hit the convention in San Diego last year, but could not find any Marvel editors, and the website no longer offers sample scripts to work off of.

I've been a serious aspiring comics artist my entire life, and I feel that I am very close to getting my "big break", in fact I just met John Romita Jr down here in Vegas for the Wolverine movie premiere, and he said that he felt I just needed to find an editor to show my stuff to.

Online research led me to you, after finding out that you were associated with Marvel's talent management team (hopefully still are). Anyways, I'm struggling to find help here, and I feel that my work is definately worth taking a look at.

Any and all help here will be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you for your time!

-Tom Malich III

David Baillie said...

Wow - I hadn't heard about this. So cool.

I'm completely jealous, although also a teeny bit glad - I reckon it would make my average cinema bill leap during superhero movie season.

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