Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Comics and Cheeesteaks

littlered, originally uploaded by C.B. Cebulski.

I've been swamped since I got back from Philly and haven't had the time to file a full con report yet here on the blog. Needless to say, it was a good show, the first where I didn't have to work a booth, do portfolio reviews or speak on panels. This newfound freedom was nice, but I must admit that I did get a little bored after a while. I actually found myself spending a lot of time at the Marvel booth as that's where most of my friends and creators were hanging anyway. It was great to see guys like Dave Finch, Skottie Young, Tom Raney, Paul Jenkins, Mike Oeming, Dave Mack, Tony Bedard, JMS and Claremont. But you have no idea how many times I heard "Didn't you leave comics?!" Oh, well...

Our second annual Geno's Cheesesteak Outing took place Saturday night. Compared to last years 4 people, this year's 20 attendees made it a real event! Even creators like JMS, Claremont and Jenks came along. I polished two with onions and wiz and an order of cheese fries. Nick Lowe and Claremont crossed the street and ordered Pat's steaks after they had finished at Geno's so they could compare the taste. Both report that Geno's made a better cheesesteak.

I did bring a digital camera and was all set to take and post all kinds of pics here, but that didn't happen. I actually ended up taking only one shot, and here it is... me and Little Red Riding Hood. I was just walking by the booth and she was standing there so she's the lucky girl who gets to be immortalized with me here on Chestefest!

Well, hopefully I'll have more stories and more photos from Barcelona. I just hope I have better internet access in Europe that I did in Trinidad.

Off to the airport...


Greg T said...

Yeah, Philly was a lot of fun...well, that's my two cents.

-Greg Tumbarello

Franky said...

Cheese Hasselburger told me that I was insane when I said that Pat's King of Steaks is overrated.


Amy Vandevender said...

I got my picture taken with little red riding hood too! She's a pretty cute gal.