Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Piazza Navona

piazzanavolo, originally uploaded by C.B. Cebulski.

I have a backlog of stories and pictures to post from the "European leg of the tour", so I thought I'd start with one of the best memories; our time in Rome with Andrea DiVito and Laura Villari. Our Roman experience started a little shaky, but with their help, it turned into one of the most memorable. Here, in Piazza Navona, they explained the meaning the pose of the Bernini figure behind us. (Buy me a beer at the next con and I'll tell you the secret!) And it always helps to have native Romans with you when getting around town and ordering at restaurants. :) Long live true Parma proscuitto!

I wanted to take the time here to thank Laura and Andrea for taking a break from Young Avengers (Thanks, Jimmy. Sorry, Tom.) to spend the day with us. We truly appreciate it. And don't worry, the wine and olive oil made it back to the States safely and are being greatly enjoyed!


Andrea Di Vito said...

C.B.! Glad to see that picture my friend!:)
I hope you and Mutsumi had a good time (crappy Italian hotel nothwithstanding):)
We're glad you liked the olive oil on Laura's secret recipe, just remember to drink that wine with a good STEAK , it gives its best with meat;)
Thanks for the great time, it's been great to finally meet you in person!
We'll probably come to NY in february, I heard there's gonna be a HUGE convention, hope to see you and Mutsumi once more (we'll bring more goodies if U.S. Customs will not shoot us in the head!!!)

Andrea and Laura

CeeCee said...

DUDE! ANDREA! I freaked when I saw this picture!

Andrea! Laura! HEY!

Man, they were so nice to me during my short time at Crossgen. What genuinely awesome folks. :)

RobSchwager said...


I miss Andrea and Laura something awful.