Tuesday, June 14, 2005

No Luck Monday

noluck,jpg, originally uploaded by C.B. Cebulski.

Even with convention commitments, Mutsumi and I managed to see most of Barcelona between last Thursday and Sunday. But we decided to also take an extra day on Monday and catch up on anything we may have missed. Not the best move ever...

We quickly discovered all the museums in the city are closed on Mondays. So no Picasso and no Miro. We then went to Gaudi's Guell Palace, and that was also closed for renovations. (See pic.)

We looked around for one other landmark Mutsumi wanted to see, I forget the name, and couldn't find it. Oh, well...

Barcelona is such a beautiful city though, it didn't feel like a wasted day at all. We wandered the streets, checked out the architecture, stopped at cafes, shopped, and even found the graffiti park. We also had the best meal of the entire trip yesterday so that more than made up for missing a few paintings.

I could not recommend this city highly enough to anyone thinking of planning a European vacation.

Next stop... Rome!

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