Sunday, July 10, 2005

Balloon Me

In order to help get more people to post comments here on Chesterfest, and to help make my blog less boring, it's time for Chesterfest Game Time! The rules are really easy: come up with dialogue for the picture posted above. Use your imagination and put words into the mouths of the people you see there. Pretend you're a writer and come up with the script for this image. Got it?

Just what is Mike Marts directing X-Assitant Nick Lowe to do to the unsuspecting Frank Tieri? And will I be part of the hijinx? You tell me!

Let the games begin!


Doreen Mulryan said...

C.B.- "You want me to put that where?!?"

Pakula said...

To be read right-to-left (manga style):

Mike: That’s it, dude…you’re ALMOST there. Back up two more steps, and for god’s sake, do NOT stand up straight!

C.B: [thought balloon]: Mike, your calves are BEAUTIFUL.

Frank: Are you guys SURE this is how you play this game?

Nick: Just relax and take a deep breath…and hopefully THIS one won’t fall out!