Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Perils of Public Bathrooms

The mens room in Grand Central Station is notoriously filthy, but I really had to take a leak. As I'm walking down the short hallway to get there, there's a guy in front of me dressed in mismatched clothes who's muttering to himself. He definitely wasn't playing with a full deck. So I pass him by and enter the bathroom. I choose the closest, cleanest urinal and set about doing what I came there to do. But wouldn't you know it, who saddles up at the urinal next to me, Mr. Crazy Guy. Although I'm trying my best to ignore him and finish up, he's babbling all kinds of incoherent shit rather loudly as he's pissing. But then suddenly he just shuts up. I zip up and go leave, and as I turn to go wash my hands, I see why he's not talking. He's taken his hands from his dick and shoved both his pinkies up each of his nostrils! So here's this nut in GCS letting it all hang out in public with his pinkies planted firmly in his nose while he's still pissing! Just when you think you've seen it all...

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Bart A Thompson said...


Like I wasn't already disgusted by public restrooms already.