Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Gotta love JetBlue! I'm sitting here in their terminal in JFK and they provide free wireless internet connections. Now that's customer service! TS3 and I are just waiting to board so I figured "what the hell?", let me post quickly.

San Diego Comic Con should be huge again this year. We'll see if the movie studios and video game companies' presence eclipse the comic publishers this time around. Some of Hollywood's SDCC promotions last year didn't pay off with the big dollars at the box office they'd hope, so who knows what this year's show will hold. There do seem to be fewer stars turning up than in the past.

My schedule is packed solid with meetings, so hopefully I'll have some news coming out of the show. Finger crossed...

I'll try and post as regularly as I can from the con with pics and news!

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