Monday, January 30, 2006

Hanging Up My Controller?

The rule is that I'm allowed to play Dig Dug once a day for "stress
relief". Usually doesn't work out that way as I get so heated at times
that Mutsumi thinks I'm going to have a heart attack. So I promised
her that once I broke 300,000, the Xbox was going away. No more Dig
Dug. Well, as of yesterday...

But getting to level 30 and breaking 300,000 got me curious. What's
the world record on Dig Dug? Well, if you really wanna know...


And the dude beat the game as level 256 is the last level!! Unbelievable!
You can read all about it here:

Sorry Mutsumi... I guess I'll just have to keep training! :)

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