Monday, July 10, 2006

Help Support ACTOR

This September, I'll be one of several creators participating in the charity anthology, ACTOR Comics Presents... (I even get my name on the cover!) The proceeds from this 152 page benefit book, featuring original stories by Stan Lee, Paul Dini, Mark Waid, Mike Oeming, Joe Linsner, and tons of other creators, will go directly to ACTOR to help out stuggling comic artists in need. My two contributions will be:

S.A.S.E. (Send Another Submissions Editor), with art by Rob Guillory, a humorous little romp detailing my personal horror stories from portfoilio reviews at conventions over the years.

DANCE, with art by Joao Lemos (artist behind my upcoming Image book SHIKI), which is a globe-spanning silent story that shows how the art of dance can bridge cultures and unite people.

I'll be posting interior art soon. But in the meantime, I kindly ask that you pre-order this book through your local retailer. The order code is JUL062782 and it goes on sale September 13th. And please help spread the word if you can!

Thanks for your support!

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Scott Sackett said...

I'm sure SASE is very entertaining, but having spent my share of time IN portfolio lines (and facing more in a few days!) I can only imagine the NIGHTMARE stories you tell.

Sometimes some of this kind of thing just depresses me!