Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hot Cheese

This is going to be one the most pointless posts ever...

I'm not a big snack guy. I like beef jerky and dry roasted peanuts. That's about it.

About five years ago, someone turned me onto this cheese popcorn made by Tabasco. It was an amazing, spicy cheese blend or something... and it was awesome! I loved it! But then, as soon as I discovered it, it was gone. Never to be seen again here on the East Coast or anywhere else I travelled. I would ask but no one knew (or had heard of) what happened to this tasty delicacy.

Enter Brian Bendis... who was a like-minded cheese popcorn fan in a similar deprived situation, and he told me you could still get our hook-up from the Tabasco website. So I ordered it there for a while, at a hefty price no less... but eventually the time came where I just kinda quit. Or they quit. It was too much of a hassle for a simple snack food.

Until tonight.

I was out with Mike Oeming and Jen Grunwald and we stumbled into the West 82nd St. Deli (still run by two of my favorite people in NYC, Mike and Bob) and I discovered Wise has introduced Hot Cheese Popcorn... and basically stolen Tabasco's old recipe!?! They're putting out the same amazing spicy popcorn!! Same great taste, five years later!!

It's delicious. It's 99 cents a bag. And it rocks!!!

Go forth and eat!

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