Saturday, July 22, 2006

San Diego Pics

I bring my camera to every show I go to but never really use it, so I made a point of trying to take some pics out in San Diego this year...

The Activision/Marvrel booth where they're promoting the Marvel: Ultimate Allinace game I worked on. I cannot tell you how amazing this game looks!! It blows me away every time I see what Raven, Blur and Activision have developed!

Our Thursday signing... me with Power Pack writer Marck Sumerak and PP artists Chifiyu Sasaki and Naoko Kawano of Gurihiru.

"Can you please sign 100 postcards for us, Mr. Cebulski?!" Which I happily did...

We had a wonderfull Runaways Reunion yesterday, where we got as many people who worked on the book together for drinks. From the left, that's inker Craig Yeung, ex-editor MacKenzie Cadenhead, colorist Christina Strain, penciler Takeshi Miyazawa, me and writer Brian K. Vaughan. Adrian Alphona and Jo Chen were sorely missed!

Snales On A Plane... and on the con floor!

And who's that lurking on the left, watching Marvel kick DC's ass 23-10 in softball?!

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