Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bubble Man!

No, it's not bubble bath. It's not soap for blowing bubbles. It's not even liquid gum. It's a carbonated soda-like beverage that tastes like bubble gum! It just caught my eye in the cooler at Lawson's so I had to pull out a bottle and see what it was. And the cute characters on the label sealed the deal. I had to buy it!

I had no intention of drinking it, but Mutsumi made me feel guilty after I spent the money on it, so I tried it. Boy, did I regret it. Even before twisting the cap open, I knew it would taste horrible... but it was worse than I could have imagined. If you're ever in Japan, stay away from this toxic shit!

1 comment:

Little Jen said...

I imagine to taste like a carbonated version of that bubble gum antibiotic they gave us as kids!!(Well, at least I got as a kid...you were a kid longer ago than I was...hahahaha!!)