Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wonderlost #1 On Sale Today

Hey, all-

The day has finally come... WONDERLOST #1, the first issue of my autobiographical comic anthology, goes on on sale today!

I'm terrible at hyping my own work, especially one as personal as this, but I hope you'll all give it a shot and at least flip through it in the comic shop. Anyone who has ever been in high school and/or in love, should be able to relate to some of the stories I have to tell. Yes, they're about me, but the comments I've been getting most from folks who have read advanced copies have been along the lines of "Wow, this really brought me back and made me think about when I was a teenager."

It features the beautiful artwork of Paul Azaceta, Martin Montiel & Juan Castro, Alina Urusov, Khoi Pham, Jon Luna and Ethan Young, with a Leinil Yu cover!!

And here's an early review by Augie over at CBR:

I hope you'll check it out! And please let me know what you thought if you do.

Thanks for your support!!


RandyG said...

Clearly The Gent's lettering carried the book.

Nonetheless, I loved it, Dawg.
--The Gent

Jason Meek said...

I will certainly be picking up a copy myself this weekend and will make a big stink over it at the comic shop.

Jennifer said...
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Little Jen said...


(That's a plus!)

manyhats76 said...

I told a friend of mine from Italy about your comic. I think he might be interested.

Curse living away from all the US comic stores. The only one in Tokyo closed down. :(

C.B. Cebulski said...

You can find Wonderlost at Blister in Shibuya, Brian.

kid kreplach said...

You need to post this on the JBHS 89 site. I know some ladies who might be featured.

manyhats76 said...

Cool. Thanks CB. I will check them out. Where are they? I know there was a place called Comix. Maybe it's the same place.

Thanks again.

Brian said...

Man! Amazing! Really dug this book - can't wait for the next. The way you lost Tori... so flippin hilarious.

manyhats76 said...

Hey CB. I found it. (Well I googled it). It is pretty close. I'll check out the comic section. Why must you tempt me!!!

Adisakdi said...

I love this book.

Bought it weeks ago. Forgot to tell you.