Thursday, October 02, 2008

I get boobs?

"If you've read Wonderlust you know he gets high school angst and chicks and boobs"

Well, maybe in the literary sense I do. Always have had trouble getting my hands on them in the real world though...


HÉROES DE 2ª said...

A greeting from Spain.
It would want to know if it is possible to make arrive at Mr. C.B. Cebulski a sample of my drawings.
Unfortunately, she was not possible my to the past attend the international days of Avilés (Spain) month of September.
My email is:
Thanks and a greeting.

Shannan said...

As someone that went to HS with you...I don't remember this being a big problem for you...No one ever sat around saying ..."poor C.B. he is so unpopular with the ladies.." Seriously...from reading Wonderlust..I wonder if you have comfused yourself with someone else? Some less....ummm...High School yummy...?!